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malobe S. sampson

Pastor Malobe Sampson is a Born Again Believer in Jesus Christ.  He believes in the power of the Holy Spirit working through the life of the believer (especially in these eschatological times).  “Christian potential can not be realized without the active indwelling third person of the trinity; allowing one to experience and live out the fullness of God.”


Pastor M. Sampson has worked in ministry for over twenty years and has developed a specialty in Outreach, Missions and Men’s Ministry. He loves to spread God’s message of love to people around the Globe! He is gifted in the areas of teaching, preaching, exhortation, galvanizing and evangelism.


Rev. M. Sampson is married to Andria Sampson (MsEd) and they are the parents of four children; Alexia Imani, Malobe Sampson II, Jafari Qenu & Ardel’Paschal. 



Pastor, Thessalonia Worship Center, 2014-Present

    · CEO, Thessalonia Cultural Community Center

    · CEO, Thessalonia Manor

    · Founder and President of A Chance4Life



Preacher - Teacher - Missionary - Leader

  • Clergy Member:  The Thessalonia Worship Center

  • The Baptist Ministers Conference of Greater New York  

  • United Missionary Baptist Association

  • President of Commission on Mission and Evangelism (C.O.M.E.)

  • Chairperson of the Tender Loving Care Group Ministry

  • President and Founder of African Initiative Mission Foundation (Missionary in Africa)

  • Mathematics and History teacher (Christian School - Thessalonia Academy)

  • Supervisor of Fire Alarm Systems 

  • Co-Chair of 120 Disciples 

  • Men's Sunday School Teacher

  • Men's Outreach bible study leader every Friday night (all are welcomed)


* Change culture of church (Love culture)
* Building, repairing and adding Change structure (roof repairs, decaying internal structure fixed, executive wing,                 bookstore, coffee shop, extended pulpit, art work, etc..) and Thessalonia Manor.
* Bills and debt reduction: brought cultural center out of foreclosure, saved thousands on energy cost, paid off old debt,     paid off xerox machines, brought down thousands of dollars in insurance cost, accountant costs and lawyer
   fees, removed scaffolding and repaired old stain glass window, and praise God, the cultural center was paid, paving of     Back Parking Lot, Executive Suite, PAT Room.
* Brought in renowned speakers: Dr Rochester, Bronx Prez, Brooklyn President, Bronx DA, New York Attorney General,         Dr. Chapman 5-Love languages,
   Shirley Cesar. And more to come!
*  Travel and Large Group Ministry Trips: Ghana over 30 travelers in 2020, 2021 & 2022

*  Creation Museum, Noah’s Ark.

*  Future: Ghana, Creation Museum/Noah’s Ark 2023
*  Added New Ministries: 5-am Prayer, Elijah project, Young Women’s Excellence, bible study together, vision groups, 3-        times a year sacrificial offering, PAT, Hidden treasures, Life Group Ministries, Monday Night Men’s Leadership Training.
*  Increased the Ministerial team of critical thinkers and go getters and created Summerfest. (3 outdoor services 2022)
*  Increased Pantry outreach exponentially. And added Turkey giveaway day, hams, and outside donations from city              agencies.
*  Becoming more tech friendly: bible study app and now YouVersion, ability to pay tithes online (Givelify, MinistryOne).        Receive the services through internet, upgraded website, video messaging from other countries and simple
    church a new membership registry.
*  As a result of all this: Church growth and greater retention rate.
*  Stronger Manifestation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Teaching,Preaching and Kingdom ethic demonstration. The Holy      Ghost is here and clearly you can see the 5-W’s at work!!!



5-W’s- word, worship, welcome, witness, work
5- Things that everybody has – prayer, time, strength, opportunity, gifted

Receivers, Carries, Distributors,
Building Value!!!!

God’s word, his will, his way
House – House – House (body as the temple, the place where you live, your Church)
Durash us.
Waiting is Winning, Patience is power
Faith Over Fear
Love the Kingdom. Love the word.
Check your mind, check your time, check your money.
Soldier up
4 types of churches – true church, sleeping church, pseudo church, antichurch
Hearing – seeing – going - testify.
Priority List
1. God is first
2. The call on my life
3. Those called into ministry with you.
Upward - Love God
Outward – Love your Neighbor.
Inward – Love yourself.


                                                                           GREEK & HEBREWS:

Maturian – tesity
Dunamis – dynamite power
Kratos – strength power
Ischus – strength
Parakletos –Holy Spirit
Alethia – spirit of truth
Maturio – witness
Pleneo – the devil deceives.
Arti – right now
Genomai – salvation comes
Nikeo – overcomer
Proorizo - - predestinated
Chiro – joy
Chronos Kairo – God comes right on time.
Pleuroma – fullness
Parakletos - spirit of truth, helper, companion

Poieo – act of righteousness
Re-shiyth – first in place, time and order; rank
Elohim – God exceedingly; plural of 3 in 1
Eideo – the knowing, to see, unveil.
Bara – to create cut down.
Ginisko – knowing through experience.
Logismos – logic and the way you think.
Shama – to hear and obey.
Ahab – to love, to affection for
Lebab – the heart
Nephesh – a breath, soul
Meod – love him vehemently.
Qarab – draw near, to approach.
Jehovah Qara – the Lord calls. To have an encounter
Jehovah Elohim – The Lord your God, is all powerful, God is with you.
Jehovah - self existing God, Elohim - God (plural but singular)
yare - fear
abar - to crossover
paniym - before you
shamar - to put a fence or guard around something ahab lebab - love with your heart
ahab nephesh - love with your soul
ahab meod - love with your strength
chamad - to delight in, to desire passionately.
gnosis - knowledge
huperecho - excellency
huios - son/daughter
Qorban - offering.
Arche tou euangeliou Iesou Christou Huiou Theou - The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God
anatole - arrived
proginosko - foreknew.
charis - grace
ebah - enmity, conflict
yad (hand) - strength ; hands were used for strength yadah - raise your hand in praise
Reuben - God sees
Simeon - God hears
Levi (lavah) - attached, intertwined
Judah - praise.

Euangelion - good news chara - joy
charis - grace
adelphos - brother
eido - to know/to see
Apodeixis pneuma Dunamis - demonstration of power Krino - To Judge, to distinguish, to decide.
phulasso - keep
diakrino - to judge through, to see through to the truth, to truly evaluate something.
Jehovah Shammah - The Lord hears.


Pastor Poetry
When you’re gifted, you’re gifted.
When you are called, you’re called.
No matter how big,
No matter how small
You will win every assignment and giants will fall.
When you’re gifted your gifted
When you are called, you’re called.
I said no matter how big, no matter how small.
Remember you have the anointing, and he will outshine them all.
Rise and shine for the glory of the Lord is risen my son.
Stand still and see that the battle is not yours, but You are the vessel to conquer
these shores.
When you’re gifted, you’re gifted.
When you’re called called.


  • Youth ministry/program director

  • Assistant Superintendent of the Sunday School

  • Organizer of the YMO (Young Men’s Outreach) group - Creating a pool of leaders.  

  • Organizer and Galvanizer of the Marturians (Evangelical services for Young Adult, Youth and Children on Saturday evenings)

  • Thessalonia Institute of Religion (TIR) Instructor

  • Retreat Coordinator (Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey)

  • Organizer of outdoor evangelical services and community mall

  • Organizer of Thessalonia's most recent broadcast on 970 AM WWDJ 

  • Initiator of a TBC Investment group

  • Member of Nomination Committee 

  • Executive Board Member

  • Church Counselor

  • Organizer of 21 Days of 6am morning prayer


Malobe Sampson is the Founder and President of A Chance4Life formerly known as the  African Initiative Mission Foundation aka AIM Foundation. This organization is a Non-Profit/NGO with headquarters in New York and Ghana, West Africa.  Its main purpose is to help alleviate poverty through the spread of the gospel.  


A Chance 4 Life Three Keys for Long & Short term Empowerment:

Education, Health & Self Sustainability Businesses

Malobe Sampson has been working for over  2 decades in Africa with over 15 trips in and out of Ghana and several other West African countries. AIM's past activities include:  support of the Good Shepherd Orphanage (in Greater Accra); increasing pupil attendance in the Volta from 25 students to 600; creating the first internet cafe in Bonwire (Kumasi area), establishment of a men's business, health and spiritual wellness group in Bonwire called, 'Men of Christ' (established in 2004); cultivating over 20 acres of land for agricultural development (near the border of Burkina Faso), support of several wells for clean drinking water in the Upper West, supporting the educational development of thousands of children in West Africa (through distribution of uniforms, school supplies, clothing and shoes); helping to support dozens of children (inclusive of senior secondary and university pursuits) in their educational development.  AIM has developed a strong history of effectively reaching people one on one.  Our present involvement includes: the development of 30 Acres of land for agricultural development; the creation of several wells (for clean drinking water); a computer literacy program for business development, free malaria treatment for Upper West residence (along with mosquito nets), education for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases; the development of a modern octagon school in Wechiau and the further advancement of our educational services for girls. In 2007 the annual Wechiau Girls Conference was established. It has grown in numbers each year reaching close to 700 Girls in 2010.  


All are welcomed to support Achance4life.

For Further information please visit our Website at


* Feeding over 10,000 people during covid

* 4 school buildings completed

* Health care cards distributed for many girls




Academic Achievement, College Studies and Degrees  

* Tutor for NYC Board of Education in Mathematics (Truman High school)

* Science and Engineering program at City College, New York 

* Honors Program for Educational Advancement at CUNY, Bronx

* Collegian studies in Business Administration @  Nyack College 

* Bachelor of Science Degree - Psychology (Minor: Business& Com.) Baruch College

* Master of Divinity Degree -  Drew University

* Doctorate in Ministry – Candidate - Fuller Theological School

Christian certification from: American Baptist Churches; National Baptist Convention USA Inc; Accelerated Christian Education (ACE); Association Christian School International (ACSI); and Abeka Christian Education (Pensacola FL).

Other certification and affiliations (past and present):  Full Gospel Business Men’s Association (FGBMI) Life Time Member; Baptist Minister Conference of Greater New York and Vicinity, United Missionary Baptist Association (Associate Ministers Division); World Vision Representative (in New York City); Certification of supervision of Fire Alarm Systems; American Red Cross Life Guard Certification (past); Process Server NYS (past)


“Jesus” Psalm 45:17

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